Senior Services: St. James Hospital delivers on “skilled care” promise

Published 9:00 am Saturday, March 30, 2019

Skilled care, administered by professionals, serves as a stepping stone for patients who are not quite ready to return to their homes or facilities due to a change in their daily healthcare needs.

Patients may require skilled care for certain illnesses, post stroke, after surgery or to receive hospital-administered medications.

Through treatment, observation and education, skilled care helps improve or maintain patient conditions. After receiving skilled care, patients can function more independently.

Many short-term skilled services are covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans.

A Hospital that Feels Like Home

St. James Parish Hospital provides care for patients who require daily skilled services.

The hospital’s Skilled Nursing Program combines healthcare experience, expanded medical resources and compassionate care to treat our patients. Patients being cared for at St. James Parish Hospital have direct access to all of our medical departments.

The program is staffed by experienced physicians, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, PTs, OTs and a Nurse Practitioner who work with patients and their loved ones as a team to create a personalized care plan for each patient.

This multidisciplinary team works together to achieve each patient’s specific healthcare goal through compassionate, competent care.

Staff also works to make each patient’s stay as pleasant, comfortable and close to home as possible.

Patients are encouraged to bring items and clothes from home to help them feel as comfortable as possible. In addition, the case management staff plans activities and group events such as bingo games and birthday parties.

Patients are also welcome to bring their favorite activities from home.

The hospital has a Healing Garden, Chapel and in-room religious services as requested.

St. James Parish Hospital’s goal is to provide an alternate type of care for patients who need skilled care prior to being discharged to their home or nursing home, to provide services that maximize wellness and deter progression of illness whenever possible and to offer activities and options that make patients feel entertained and comfortable throughout their stay.