St. John Clerk of Court Eliana DeFrancesch announces re-election run

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, March 20, 2019

During my tenure as Clerk of Court, my staff and I have gone from filing cabinets to a computerized new clerk of court’s office, both in mindset and in reality — our website is

There is no “I” in this office; “we” work together as a team. This is our 2019 announcement for your Clerk of Court’s Office.

We have worked with the parish officials, the Sheriff, the District Attorney, the Judges and State Representatives to bring to you the best service possible.

This cooperation and communication is necessary for the efficient and effective operations of our civil and criminal justice system.

The results are significant:

1 – The East Bank Annex of the courthouse is a depository for attorneys and the public and acts as traffic and misdemeanor court. As well as a locations for the public to inquire and receive copies of documents.

2 – Increase pay for jurors and same day payment for services to increase public participation.

3 – Renovation of East Bank courthouse and renovation of the Edgard Courthouse.

4 – Computerized and networked the courtrooms.

5 – Coordinated with the D.A. and Sheriff and integrated the traffic ticket process for a seamless procedure.

6 – Video conferencing to assist the Judges with the appointment of counsel and arraignments. No longer do we have to transport inmates from the LaPlace jail to either courthouse for arraignments.

7 – Security for both courthouses. Security Cameras in both locations.

8 – New Clerk of Court portal for internet access to real estate system indexes in January 2016.

9 – Continue to upgrade computer systems in all departments.

The clerk of court’s office has been computerized and organized. All records, real estate, civil and criminal matters, marriage license and UCC’s are imaged for public viewing. We have increased public viewing stations to nine.

We are continuing to lay the groundwork for internet access to all records. We can now provide birth certificates and passports.

We now have a new and improved website, for the public regarding our services. We added a Facebook page for quick update for jurors, elections and emergency closing.

We have received grants to assist in the repairing and restoring of historic maps, records and documents. We have also received grants from the Supreme Court for criminal software programs and equipment.

We will continue to research for grant applications for our office.   

The Clerk of Court staff has been cross trained. They can do the various tasks in the office if needed. This provides us with the ability to staff according to the ebb and flow of the work load.

We do not receive any tax base for the function of our office. Our office is funded by fees we generate, which are mandated by the Louisiana Legislature.

We will continue to work together with all government agencies to ensure that the public is receiving the best service possible.

I look forward to the challenges of this office and thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the people of St. John the Baptist.

I am a graduate of LSU, wife, mother of three sons and grandmother of five. I am a former business owner, school teacher and 4th district justice of the peace.

I am a member of the Rotary Club of LaPlace, the Club’s past president and former secretary and was honored with a Paul Harris Fellow Award, also a member of the Fifth Circuit Judges Association, the Louisiana Clerk of Court’s Association, IACREAT (International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers),  PRIA (Property Recorders International Association), the St. John Community Action Committee and former secretary for the Timbermill Museum Association.