Flood protection sought for Haydel Canal Crossing/LaPlace Park

Published 1:01 am Wednesday, March 6, 2019

LAPLACE — Progress appears to have been made on launching the long-delayed Haydel Canal Crossing/LaPlace Park Levee Project.

Marvin Perrilloux

The holdup has been acquiring the final pieces of property for the levee project, which will provide additional flood protection for the LaPlace Park area.

Three attorneys have previously been unable to finalize property acquisitions, so the parish will now hire an expropriation attorney, according to information shared at last week’s Parish Council meeting.

Councilman Marvin Perrilloux has championed the cause for the past few years and said the project is critical to prevent flooding issues in that area.

He said there appears to be little dispute from the property owners to sell the property needed and that prices range anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000 per piece of property.

However, Parish President Natalie Robottom said additional appraisals will have to be completed because of the time that has passed since the initial appraisals.

— By Richard Meek