Attempted murder arrest ends in gun possession plea

Published 12:15 am Wednesday, February 27, 2019

EDGARD — A local man arrested two years ago for attempted murder was sentenced to a decade in jail for illegal possession of a firearm.

The charges against Michael Kendrick, 26, of LaPlace were reduced, prosecutors said, because of a lack of victim participation.

“It is quite difficult to explain to victims/witnesses that their cooperation is necessary and key to pursue justice in their cases,” St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney Bridget A. Dinvaut said.

“When they don’t cooperate with us, they leave a gaping hole in the prosecution. Somebody has to get on the stand and say, ‘this is the person that did this to me.’ Without their cooperation, it is extremely difficult for us to move forward on these cases.”

Dinvaut said the alleged victim failed to show up for two scheduled trial beginnings and later informed prosecutors he no longer wanted to pursue the prosecution.

Kendrick was arrested April 27, 2017, following a shooting the same day in the English Colony and Revere Drive area of LaPlace.

At the time of the arrest, Sheriff Mike Tregre described the investigation as “pretty open and shut,” noting the victim was shot multiple times at close range with the gunman fleeing and being caught in possession of a gun.

Kendrick was initially charged with attempted first degree murder, illegal possession of a stolen firearm, aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of firearm by a convicted felon.

Dinvaut said the shooting appeared to be in retaliation to some earlier incident between the two men. Dinvaut noted prosecutors needed an ATF trace for a possession of a stolen firearm charge that never came in.

“The attempted murder was reduced to an aggravated assault with a firearm based upon the factual circumstances submitted to us by the Sheriff’s Office,” Dinvaut said. “We were able to convict him on the felon in possession of a firearm based on the court records.”

According to the Clerk of Court’s office, Kendrick pleaded guilty this month to the possession charge, receiving 10 years in prison during sentencing.