Andrews: Louisiana Premier Charter offers St. John a choice in education

Published 12:03 am Saturday, February 23, 2019

There are important things you need to know about Louisiana Premier Charter and the impact of this opportunity for St. John the Baptist Parish.

Louisiana Premier Charter School is a school that is funded directly from your tax dollars, as students are not charged tuition to attend a charter school.

A charter school is publicly funded but governed by a separate school board.

Charter schools were designed to be able to have greater innovation and to operate outside of the traditional school system as we know it today.

LAPC hopes to bring these ground-breaking ideas and student flexibility to the children of St. John Parish.

LAPC is not intended to replace traditional public school, but is only here to help enhance the system and offer parents a “Choice” for their child.

If a Type 1 charter such as LAPC scores well on state testing, the scores are then averaged in with the district scores, giving the district a chance for a higher overall district performance score, therefore helping the image of the parish.

Louisiana Premier Charter is the vision of many businesses and members of our parish in an effort to help the citizens of St. John.

It is not tied directly to any current school, as it operates independently and is open to all students of the parish.

Please log on to to learn more about this exciting opportunity for your child.

Online applications will be accepted through March 31.

Alison Andrews is the school leader for Louisiana Premier Charter. She can be reached at