Lady Wildcats finish strong rebuilding season with tough playoff loss

Published 12:01 am Friday, February 15, 2019

East St. John High Lady Wildcats lost 44-60 to Natchitoches Central Thursday night in the first round of the playoffs, ending a season marked by rebuilding and success beyond expectation.

Head coach Stasha James said her team earned a 21-9 season record with dedication and continuous effort, and that pattern of play reflected in the hard fought playoff game.

“When we came in, people expected us to lose,” James said.

“Some people didn’t even expect us to make the playoffs. This was actually a great rebuilding season. Most people who have rebuilding seasons don’t finish as well as we finished.”

It was a challenging game against Natchitoches Central compounded by referees quick to call fouls.

The game was slow in the first half, both sides struggling to find the right flow.

Foul trouble and giving up easy lay-ups were pitfalls, James said, though East St. John fared well on defense.

Kayja Jackson and Alysha Soniat led in scoring Thursday night, contributing 21 points and 11 points, respectively.

A’niya Brown contributed eight points and stepped up as an integral defensive player.