Shumaker: New sign, more “hands-on” training coming to Reserve college

Published 12:02 am Saturday, February 2, 2019

A new Monument Sign has been installed at RPCC! River Parishes Community College is bigger and better than ever.

Several “face lift” projects will be evident to the original buildings, as plans come together to further improve the property. As always, our first priority is our students. Having an atmosphere conducive to learning is important.

Some of the plans include increasing equipment for the “hands-on” training that is such an important part of that education. Updating glass labs and, eventually, a complete overhaul of the Methanol Unit is also in the works for the coming months.

Students graduating from River Parishes Community College in any of the technical programs are “work-ready” because of the hands on training they receive.

Industry standards are one of the many guides we use to set curriculum in technical programs. Advisory Boards for each program operated by Industry personnel keep the college current on needs and trends to ensure training programs are always where they need to be.

Apprenticeship programs, by local industry, are becoming more active and work in conjunction with our training programs. Apprenticeships allow students to train on the job, and attend school in tandem.

In many instances, all school expenses, such as tuition, books and fees, are paid in full, along with a salary for time spent at the plant working. Check individual Industry websites for applications and how to qualify.

Recent high school graduates are some of the most likely to benefit from these programs. Local students can begin their college degree while still attending high school through the Dual Enrollment Program.

Classes are available during high school hours for those schools busing to the campus, or classes offered after regular school hours are available for “early release” and regular students.

High school students should check with their Guidance Counselor for additional information on how to apply.

While some programs have specific acceptance rules (such as Nursing), most classes are available for the Dual Enrollment student, including the prerequisite classes for those specialized programs. Classes must be scheduled before May 30, 2019, for Fall Semester.

Penelope Shumaker is Campus Director for the Reserve Campus of River Parishes Community College. Email or call 985-536-4418, ext. 203.