Siblings arrested after violence threat at ESJH

Published 12:07 am Saturday, January 5, 2019

RESERVE — Three young men identified by authorities as siblings were arrested on the East St. John High campus after police said they came looking for a fight and participated in numerous physical and verbal altercations.

The apprehensions took place on the morning of Dec. 20, a day before school let out for Christmas vacation, and eventually led to more than $1,700 in damage to a marked St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office patrol unit.   

Those arrested include 17-year-old Branden Eugene, 19-year-old Brendon Eugene and 21-year-old Bryce Anthony Eugene.

St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools Communications Specialist Jennifer Boquet released a statement saying two alumni and one student from the same family entered the breezeway area with the intent to fight another student during the transition from breakfast to first period.

“School resource officers intervened and prevented the altercation from ever taking place,” Boquet said.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the school issued a soft lockdown until the arrests were completed. This appears to be an isolated incident involving only these individuals and within half an hour school had returned to normal.”

The incident report filed by Cpl. Larry Williams, who was on campus Dec. 20 in uniform, paints a chaotic scene that included multiple officers, aggressive arrests and incendiary verbal threats.

Williams, working a detail in the school cafeteria, saw three males enter through a back door with Branden wearing an ESJH uniform and Brendon and Bryce wearing street clothes.

Williams asked the trio about their intentions and was told, according to the police report, that Branden was about to be jumped and they were there “to handle business.”

The siblings did not identify who was threatening the student.

Williams instructed Bryce and Brendon that they needed to leave campus, which did not happen. Bryce was then arrested for remaining after being forbidden, a confrontation that turned physical, according to Williams, and included loud cursing and a scene in front of numerous teachers and students.

Williams noted Bryce threatened to take his gun and “put that tool on you.”

At that time, Williams saw Brendon return to campus after being told to leave the premises. Other deputies, including Sgt. Chasity Sanford, placed Brendon under arrest.

The apprehension turned physical as deputies had to forcefully take Brendon to the ground because of physical resistance.

Police noted at this time Bryce started kicking the rear inside door of the car he was placed — to the point it was damaged and could not shut properly.

A dealership estimate to fix the unit later came in at $1,704.17.

During Bryce’s fit, deputies noted profanities uttered by the suspect.

While Williams was placing Brendon in a patrol unit, the police report noted Brendon threatened to shoot Williams.

At this time, Branden returned to the front of the school and cussed out the police officers and was arrested for causing a spectacle.   

Branden Eugene was charged with disturbing the peace – offensive, derisive, annoying words to another (misdemeanor) and released the same day after his bond was set at $250.

Brendon Eugene was arrested for remaining after being forbidden, simple assault and resisting an officer. His bond was set at $3,400 and he was released the same day.

Bryce Anthony Eugene was charged with disturbing the peace – offensive, derisive, annoying words to another; resisting an officer (misdemeanor); simple criminal damage to property, simple assault and remaining after being forbidden. He was released the same day after his bond was set at $4,650.

School District officials said they could not release any individual student disciplinary information that followed the arrests.