Social studies wizzes shine in St. John

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District recently held its District Social Studies Fair.

Students first had to win at their school level fairs to compete at the district level. Winners move on to the regional fair to compete against students from other districts.

Winners at the District Social Studies Fair were:

Division I

Anthropology: first place, Sienna Belvin (ECW); second place, Sarai Gaines (LPE); third place, Rheana Jouty (ECW); Honorable Mention, Chloe Byrd (ECW)

Economics: First place, Chaela Alexander (GMMS); second place, Aaliyah Young (ECW); third place, Daron Muhammad (LPE)

Geography: first place, Natalia Barnett (LPE); second place, Jaslene Rivera (LES); History, individual: First place, Chanel Toefield (LES); second place, Kenia Martinez (ECW); third place, Ro’Mayhare Thompson (ESJP)

History, team: first place, Madison Bartholomew and Ajia Fontenette (LPE); Louisiana History: first place, Mackenzie Duhe (ECW); second place, Camora Washington (LES); third place, Rani Johnson (LES)

Political Science: First place, Destiny Williams (LPE); second place, Kaitlynn Argueta (ECW); Sociology: first place, Cali White (LES); second place, Joseph Henderson (LPE); third place, Ambrielle Wilson (ECW)

St. John STEM Magnet High School Program eighth grader Bethany Alboudoor treats judges to a song from the musical “Hamilton” during the presentation of her project on Alexander Hamilton during St. John the Baptist Parish Public Schools’ District Social Studies Fair. Alboudoor was awarded first place in the history category for her efforts.

Division II

Anthropology, individual: first place; Samuel Hernandez (LPE); first place, Angelina Aguilar (STEM)

Anthropology, team: First place, Michel Porter and Alajiah Coxie (LPE); second place, Leah Carillo and Dailynn Williams (JLO)

Economics, individual: First place, Sydney Stewart (STEM); first place, Zuleyka Suc (LES), second place, Yasmine Moore (LPE), third place, Jessie Weiler (JLO)

Economics, team: First place, Roland Morgan and Jerron Jessie (GMMS)

Geography: First place, Cameron Frank (GMMS); first place, Janneth Lopez (LPE); second place, Beza Tilahun (LPE)

History, individual: first place, Bethany Alboudoor (STEM); second place, Connealla Porter (LES); third place, Alyssa Payne (ECW)

History, team: First place, Rosie Bourgeois and Charlee Palma (JLO); second place, Morgan Lawhorne and Olivia Reeves (JLO); third place, Timothy Bartholomew and Zeytaveo Hill (LPE)

Louisiana History: First place, Mi’Chai Johnson (GMMS); second place, Aaliyah Washington (GMMS); third place, Alayjah Graham (ECW); third place, Damon Meeker (JLO)

Political Science, individual: First place, Damico Mazique (GMMS); second place, David Johnson (GMMS); third place, Blake Jarvis (LPE)

Political Science, team: first place, Nija Anthony and Neveah Cox (LPE)

Sociology, individual: first place, Makenzie Manuel (STEM); second place, British Stampley (STEM); third place, Norshellys Lopez (ESJPA); third place, Jermaine Mangle (GMMS); Honorable Mention, Shairie Joseph (LPE); Honorable Mention, Briyah Paul (ESJPA)

Sociology, team: first place, Jose Yanes and Matthew Hoadley (LPE); second place, Sha’quan Barnett and Aleysia Herbert (LPE);

Division III

Anthropology, individual: first place, Addison Cooper (STEM)

Anthropology, team: first place, DyoniLennx and Jaion Cain (STEM)

Economics, individual: First place, Jada Brown (STEM); Economics, team: first place, Christopher Taylor and Zavion Williams (STEM)

History, individual: First place, Stevan Wilson (STEM); History, team: first place, Jada Nevers and Maya Champagne (STEM); second place, Justin Dardinger and Brandon Couste (STEM)

Political Science: first place, Jada Tanner (STEM); Sociology: first place, Chandler Lamonte (STEM); second place, Sara Brooks (STEM)

Division I/Special Education: First place, Dontrell Chopin; Team: first place, Rodrigo Hernandez and Emile Ranker.