Looks Bright: ESJH’s Alaysha Jones makes her mark through service

Published 12:02 am Sunday, December 16, 2018

RESERVE — East St. John High School junior Alaysha Jones is helpful, caring and consistently busy — never complacent with floating through life.

Staying active is good for the mind, according to Jones, who dedicates her time and talents volunteering in the community with East St. John High’s Interact Club.

“I want to leave a mark on the world,” Jones said. “If I were to die today or tomorrow, God forbid, I want to be known for something. In my high school career and after, I can make a mark by helping others and making a change in other people’s lives.”

Through Interact Club, Jones has helped St. John the Baptist Parish residents move houses, sung Christmas carols to residents at the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Home in Reserve and volunteered at Marathon Petroleum’s Christmas party.

Interact Club sponsor Yevette Scioneaux said Jones was the only student to dedicate nearly 30 hours to working the Andouille Festival in October. From opening to closing, Jones was on-site helping Friday through Sunday night.

Yevette Scioneaux and Alaysha Jones hold up lists of Interact Club events that Alaysha has volunteered at this year.

Scioneaux said Jones is a model student and one of the top participants in the group.

“Alaysha does a lot of things unselfishly,” Scioneaux said. “She’s very vibrant and very respectful. She’s always smiling when she’s serving, and she doesn’t do it begrudgingly. We’ve had 20 to 25 events, and she’s been to at least 80 percent of them. I’m very blessed to have her in my club.”

Though Jones doesn’t have an elected position in Interact Club, she takes on secretarial duties to keep things running smoothly.

Jones is also a member of National English Honors Society, where she shares her love for writing, and she’s eager to join 4-H Club after recently hearing of a “Junior Leaders” opportunity to work with younger children in the community.

“It’s all about getting out there and being involved with each other,” Jones said. “Even in the National English Honors Society, you’re writing and talking and going to different events with people.”

Jones, who wants to become involved in more organizations, is also striving to maintain straight As for the rest of high school and develop into an impactful public speaker capable of supporting her opinions.

Alaysha Jones is considering a career in the medical field.

With interests in math and science, Jones sees herself one day working in the medical field.

“I might become a psychiatrist,” Jones said. “People don’t realize how powerful and important the human mind is.”

After high school, Jones would prefer to stay in state and attend either Louisiana State University or Tulane University.

She doesn’t have a specific motivation for her hard work, believing every person plays a role in shaping the lives of others.

Watching her East St. John peers excel gives Jones a push to better herself, and each conversation with wise, elderly adults turns into another source of inspiration.

Outside of school, Jones enjoys traveling.

“I’ve gone out of state a lot of times, but even going to New Orleans, you see a lot of different statues and people,” Jones said.

“It’s amazing what you learn from visiting diversified places. Just getting out of the house, period, is fun for me.”

Jones is the daughter of Charita and Donald Jones of Reserve.

Alaysha Jones is a member of National English Honors Society, where she shares her love for writing.