Giving Back: A Plus Construction hosting giveaway for 25 needy families

Published 12:14 am Wednesday, December 5, 2018

LAPLACE — Aaron Tregre, owner of A Plus Construction in LaPlace, is compiling a list of hardworking St. John the Baptist residents who could use a helping hand this holiday season.

Aaron Tregre

Nominations accompanied by personal stories are being accepted through messages to the A Plus Construction LLC Facebook page through Dec. 20.

On Dec. 21, Tregre will draw 25 names from a bucket, and each of the families will have a surprise Christmas turkey delivered to their homes.

Turkeys are being purchased in partnership with Matherne’s Supermarket in LaPlace, and Tregre hopes this year sets the standard for a growing company tradition.

For the past five years, Tregre has donated five to 10 turkeys to local churches for delivery to local families and developmentally disabled individuals at St. John ARC.

“I’ve never done the giveaway in this fashion before,” Tregre said. “I’ve usually dropped them off to a church right before Christmas. This year, I want to go deliver them. I want to bring my kids with me so they can see there are many people less fortunate than we are. It will help them appreciate the Christmas spirit.”

The nominations he’s received through Facebook have included home addresses, allowing for the possibility of surprise.

Based on the nominations he’s received thus far, Tregre can tell the need is great.

Tregre hears stories of the single mothers who work themselves to the limit but struggle to make ends meet. He’s touched by the residents who care for disabled children and those who are impacted by recent, unexpected losses of their spouses.

Others can’t catch a break this holiday season as they deal with mounting home repairs and expenses. Several nominees go above and beyond for others but never take time to ask for help.

Shannon Simoneaux and Aaron Tregre go over names compiled for the giveaway.

“We’re only a few days in, and seeing the amount of people looking out for others by sending in names is amazing,” Tregre said.

A Plus Construction employee Shannon Simoneaux is excited about the turkey giveaway because it reminds her of adopt-a-family Christmas efforts she’s been a part of.

She’ll never forget the expressions of the parents on the receiving end, thankful beyond words their children wouldn’t have to go without. In a separate Thanksgiving food giveaway, Simoneaux saw one woman burst into tears, overwhelmed by gratitude.

“The more you give, the better you feel,” Simoneaux said. “I’m sure it will impact the families greatly because every bit helps. Our team is willing to help out any way we can.”

Located at 100 Circle Drive in LaPlace, A Plus Construction has provided home construction services to St. John the Baptist residents for 14 years.

Tregre was introduced to the industry from an early age when he traveled the country with his father, grandfather and uncle to deliver lumber and air conditioning systems.

For more information about the turkey giveaway, call 985-359-0109 or message A Plus Construction LLC on Facebook.