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Keller: Sight is wasted without vision

Helen Keller (1880-1968), a writer and lecturer blind and deaf from infancy, learned how to communicate through the Braille system.

Being one of the most famous people in American history, she received the Nobel Peace Prize.

When being presented the award, she was told that it must be a tragedy to go through life not being able to see.

Her response was, “That isn’t as bad as people who can see, but have no vision.”

I decided to write this article after thinking about my four children who needed glasses at an early age.

When my son, Matt, had his first eye examination, he was in the fourth grade. When the doctor asked him if he had a hard time seeing the blackboard, he said he did.

‘When do you have the hardest time seeing the blackboard?” the doctor asked.

Matt innocently answered, “When the teacher stands in front of it.”

Helen Keller had a disability that prevented her from seeing, but it did not stop her from having a vision and becoming the person God intended her to be.

Unlike Helen Keller, many people go through life with excellent vision, but without having a vision.

They tiptoe through life just existing, not really living, only waiting for a safe, secure death.

They sit on the sidelines and never get into the game of life.

In Proverbs 29:18, the Bible says, “Without a vision, the people perish. I’m so grateful that at age 46 God blessed me with a vision to become a laborer in His ministry of Get High on Life.

I pray that all my family (children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) will have a vision to help people in need.

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