St. Charles launches new welcome for Parks & Rec.

Published 12:18 am Saturday, August 25, 2018

HAHNVILLE — St. Charles Parish officials have launched a website for the Department of Parks and Recreation available at or by going to

The website was designed and organized by the Public Information Office, which worked closely with recreation staff to give residents easier access when registering for programs, activities and facility rentals.

“While working on improving our site over the last several months, we aimed at making our site faster, navigation friendly, image-rich, and more accessible for our stakeholders to use all the while still providing exceptional service to our community,” Parks and Recreation Director Duane Foret said.

“We hope you take some time to explore and give any feedback that would allow our department to enhance our website as well as your user experience in the future.”

Although the site’s colors (blue and orange) are independent from the parish’s traditional green and beige brand, it is actually built into the main parish website.

This means that for users on the backend, functionality is streamlined and integrated between the two.

 “We wanted to launch a site that felt more in line with recreation’s brand and different from the parish website for users on the front end, but still functioned exactly the same for us on the back end,” Public Information Officer Tristan Babin said.

“Choosing to launch a subsite saves us time and resources on training and ensures multiple departments and employees know how to work the site if needed.”

St. Charles Parish works with Vision Internet, LLC to develop and manage the main website at and two subsites: the Edward A. Dufresne Community Center website at and the recreation website at