Keller: Future Marine would make Mrs. Linda proud

Published 12:01 am Saturday, August 18, 2018

If you’ve ever been to PJ’s Coffee Shop in LaPlace more than once, you most probably met Mr. Dallas Newsome. He acts as the greeter and takes his job seriously.

If you are a regular at PJ’s, as I am, you get a briefing of the daily activities of his 18-year-old granddaughter, Clare, who enlisted in the United States Marines on May 21.

I’ve seen grandparents proud of their grandchildren, but none prouder than Dallas.

The news today (Aug. 16) is that Dallas, his wife Dora and a few family members will attend Clare’s graduation ceremony in Paris Island, South Carolina on Aug. 24.

Dallas is retired from Marathon after being there 34 years in Operations. Since then, his non-paying job at PJ’s keeps him busy two to three hours daily.

My relationship with the Newsome family goes back over 50 years. His mother, Linda, was one for the best and most loyal waitresses at Roussel’s Restaurant in LaPlace.

She didn’t mind giving her opinion, regardless if you liked it or not. If you ordered something to eat that wasn’t good that day, she would let you know.

With all that said, over 45 years ago, as I sat at the bar in Roussel’s having had too much to drink, I ordered another one. Mrs. Linda said, “I’m not serving you any more. Why don’t you go home to your wife and your four children?”

I listened, went home and not long after that, I decided to quit drinking.

As Dallas, Dora and the family travel to the graduation, I’m excited for them. To have an intelligent young lady decide to serve her country is one of the most honorable decisions a person can make.

If Mrs. Linda, who passed away in 2010, was still living, I’m sure she would have a lot to tell Clare and would let her know how proud she is.

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