Lynne’s House for women rebooting after domestic abuse, mental health struggles & jail

Published 12:15 am Saturday, July 7, 2018

RESERVE — Former LifeHouse Church Pastor Rod Aguillard and his son, Senior Pastor Stephen Aguillard, had a vision to provide an oasis for women in dire straits.

Women coming out of jail, divorce, domestic abuse or mental health struggles can find healing and spiritual restoration at Lynne’s House, a newly renovated halfway house dedicated by LifeHouse Reserve church leaders.

Inspiration for Lynne’s House dates back to December 2008, when Rod Aguillard’s oldest daughter succumbed to depression and took her own life.

Lynne Aguillard Venus battled bipolar disorder for more than two decades, enduring long periods of manic highs and crushing lows. After getting a divorce, she lived as a single parent in a cottage behind her father’s house and showed vast improvement in the months leading up to her passing.

On the day she took her life, Lynne was all smiles and back at work as a hairdresser. The news took her family off guard.

Mary and Rod Aguillard

Stephen approached his father with a suggestion to start a Lynne’s House for women who need help and guidance to get back onto their feet.

Rod Aguillard saw Lynne’s House become a reality with the help of a $20,000 donation from the Network of Related Pastors, an organization he ministers through.

“They knew that Lynne’s House is my heart,” Rod Aguillard said. “It’s the memory of my daughter, knowing her death is not in vain. We’re going to see ladies rescued, and we feel like it’s the first of several Lynne’s Houses.”

Lynne’s House will soon welcome its first occupants, Rod Aguillard said. The renovated two-bedroom mobile home is in a safe location and has beds and trundles to sleep four people. In some cases, two small families may be able to share the space.

Applicants go through an interview process through which two requirements must be met: Women must be fully detoxed from drug use and have a vehicle that can be used to seek employment.

Ladies staying in the home are required to attend LifeHouse’s Celebrate Recovery program, held at 6:30 p.m. each Monday to promote overcoming hurt, habits and hang-ups.

During the four-month cost-free stay, women aren’t left stranded; LifeHouse Church members are on hand to help with financing, job searches and spiritual solace.

“We’ll have ladies work with them during their stay to show them the love of Christ,” Rod Aguillard said. “We want to restore them to having productive lives so they can get the healing they need and get finances in line to save for an apartment.”

According to Rod Aguillard, LifeHouse Church has already received donations to open a second Lynne’s House, which could be renovated and opened by early 2019. For more information about applying, call 985-536-3971 or visit LifeHouse Church on Facebook.