St. John 4-H’ers visit State Capital

Published 12:18 am Saturday, June 23, 2018

Twenty St. John 4-H members and four volunteers joined more than 500 youth and volunteers from across the state for 4-H Day at the Capital on May 30 in Baton Rouge.

Participants from St. John the Baptist Parish included Jason Anderson, Dajshana Chapman, Antoine Cook, Imari Cooper, Victoria Herbert, Cheyenne Ford, Aaliyah Jackson, Nadia Jarra-Seto, Kayla Munoz, Kahlil Nelson, Karrie Norwood, Maria Norwood, Alyssa Payne, Amerah Traywek, Rita White, Germaine Zeno, Katie Pease, Matthew Pease and Mckayla Noble.

The 4-H’ers visited the Louisiana State Capital to meet with their representative and senators, tour the capital building, tour the capital museum and be a part of citizenship board activities. State board members from Louisiana 4-H addressed the members across the state in an opening assembly.

The focus this year was to support cancer awareness. The board members encouraged 4-H’ers to bring items to make cancer survivor kits. Following the assembly, St. John moved to be involved in the citizenship board activities. There were different tracks set up the members moved throughout.

Here the members learn what it’s like to go through cancer and help make items for people battling cancer. The day ended on a high note. The members toured around the capital museum. Each members had a chance to learn about the different areas of the state and their state’s history. Then the members went to the capital meet with senators and house of representatives, and had the chance to observe a real meeting in the building.

Members had the chance to broaden their knowledge on their state government and more how it works. They also had a chance to help out people battling cancer with the gifts they made. Each 4-H’er had a blast with other members from their parish, as well as from across the state.

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