“Beauty and the Beast” adds extra local performance to summer lineup

Published 12:09 am Saturday, May 19, 2018

RESERVE — River Parish Community Theatre, which brought you last summer’s sold-out smash musical “Annie,” recently released the cast list for this summer’s “Beauty and the Beast.”

With buzz about tickets already at a high level, River Parish Community Theatre leaders said they added another show to the run to accommodate an expected high demand for tickets.

Community Theatre President John LeBlanc said a large and talented cast created demand for what he promises to be a “spectacular production.”

“We’re just getting into rehearsals now, and the cast sounds wonderful already,” LeBlanc said. “Add to that our signature first-class sets and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is looking like it could be an even hotter ticket.”

The cast is more than 60 strong following auditions from more than 110 people.

“We were awestruck with the number of people that came out to be part of this show,” LeBlanc said. “We think the success of our previous shows and the high quality productions are getting the attention of the community and drawing them in to be part of something special. We were particularly happy with the number of families that came out — that’s part of the goal.”

“Beauty and the Beast” will be presented July 13-15 and 18-21 at St. Peter School in Reserve.

All performances begin at 7:30, except the July 15 show, which is a 2:30 p.m. matinee.

Tickets go on sale to the public in early July.

On Stage:

The cast includes Belle-Chrissy Carter Cifuentes, Beast-Michael Hoover, Gaston-Logan Viverito, LaFou-Tyler Palermo, Babette-Ali Vicknair, Madame de la Grande Bouche-Candace Hoover, Mrs. Potts-Marissa Laurent, Chip-Ava Young, Maurice-Rick Esposito, Cogsworth-Sean Roussel, Lumiere-Luke Boucvalt, Monsieur D’Arque-Woodrow St. Pierre, Prince-Luis Cifuentes, Silly Girl 1-Nikki Bouvier, Silly Girl 2-Marcy Bordelon, Silly Girl 3-Cassidy Mistretta, Silly Girl 4-Sadie Kelly, Silly Girl 5-Madeline Core, Silly Girl 6-Cobi Smith.

The Gaston Cronies/Ensemble includes Woodrow St. Pierre, Kevin Millet, Luis Cifuentes, Jaret Treas, Coran Johnson, Jeremy Guidry, Romell Johnson III, Grant Vicknair, Kaleb Waguespack, Zack Vicknair, Bryce Duhon, Drake Boudwin, Gavin Bunch and Aaron Ford. The Gaston Bartender is Ernie Sieber

Villagers / Belle include Aristocratic Lady-Tammi Marshall, Milk Maid-Mandy Boudwin, Lady with Baby-Trista Brazan, Lady with Cane-Ashley McLaurin, Sausage Curl Girl-Mallory Commander, Hat Seller-Aaron Ford, Fish Man-Jaret Treas, Egg Man-Coran Johnson, Baker-Jeremy Guidry, Candle Man-Kevin Millet, Shepard Boy-Gavin Bunch, Book Seller-Grant Vicknair

Villagers include Patricia Bell, Brandon Boudwin, Aiden Roussel, Lauren Oncale, Ava Laurent, Ernie Sieber, Mia Oncale, Emma Wale, Noelle Remondet, Bethany Cantrelle, Kacey Beadle, Gabrielle Treas.

Salt and Pepper-Noelle Remondet, Bethany Cantrelle, Kacey Beadle, Ava Laurent; Rug-Elizabeth Coneglio; Napkins-Emily Duhe, Gabrielle Treas, MaryLynn Detillier, Dani Clement, Davi Clement, Katie Beadle; Plates-Mia Oncale, Emma Wale, Lauren Oncale, Laney Beadle, Patricia Bell; Fork, Knife, Spoon-Aiden Roussel, Coran Johnson, Kaleb Waguespack, Bryce Duhon, Mallory Commander, Rumell Johnson III, Drake Boudwin, Zack Vicknair, Mandy Boudwin, Ashley McLaurin, Tammi Marshall

Wolves/Enchanted Items-Jeremy Jung, Tristin Olivier, Kade Olivier, Kate Brady, Jaynee-Lynn Kinchen, Anna Clement, Hartley Faucheux, Ellie McCrossen; Enchanted Items (TBD)-Aaron Ford, Jeremy Guidry, Trista Brazan, Bethany Duhon