Undefeated LaPlace boxer Alvin Varmall Jr. gears up for primetime fight on Showtime

Published 3:15 pm Wednesday, May 9, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — Alvin Varmall Jr.’s biggest strength in the boxing ring has nothing to do with size or his punch power.

“When people ask what my greatest weapon is, they think I’m going to say a punch, but it’s my heart,” Varmall said. “It’s love. When you’re passionate about something, you’ll cross the ocean to make the desires of your heart come true.”

Originally from LaPlace, Varmall, 26, has carved out an impressive career in professional boxing, attaining a 15-0 record with 12 knockouts under the alias “Iron Majik.”

On Friday, he’ll battle it out on the big stage in his first nationally televised match, airing on Showtime as part of the critically acclaimed boxing series “ShoBox: The New Generation.”

The show kicks off at 7 p.m. and includes several matches. In Philadelphia, Varmall is prepping to face Charles Foster, also 15-0, in his light heavyweight debut.

Alvin Varmall Jr. said his passion and love of boxing are the determining factors in his ring success. Years of training for the 26-year-old St. John the Baptist Parish native culminate in a major fight Friday in Philadelphia against an undefeated opponent.

“It’s not a championship, but it feels like one,” Varmall said. “It’s been a long time coming. I’m ready to show the world there’s a monster on the rise.”

Varmall’s journey to the boxing stage started when he defended himself against bullies as a child. Frightened and with tears in his eyes, Varmall was the victor every time.

At East St. John High School, Varmall joined the football team to follow in his father’s footsteps as a running back. The coach disagreed, placing him at linebacker.

Attributing the coach’s decision to his size, Varmall purchased a punching bag and set out to lose weight.

Alvin Varmall Sr. remembers when his son asked for a gym membership after running into an old friend who had taken up boxing. It was the first step toward a new passion. The rest is history.

Watching Varmall fight is exhilarating and sometimes nerve-wracking, Alvin Sr. said. He’s watched his son soar toward his dreams by watching bouts streamed to Facebook live whenever possible.

“He’s my firstborn and a real great kid,” Alvin Sr. said. “He’s focused on his craft and focused on his dream. We’re always here to support him.”

Over the years, Varmall’s protective nature has turned from self-defense to a desire to provide for his two beautiful baby girls.

Putting his faith in God every day, Varmall yearns to achieve championship status and give his family financial security. Eventually, larger bouts will be fewer and far between, allowing for more visits home.

“I want my little sisters and my daughters to look up to me and know that if they ever need anything, I’ll have it for them,” Varmall said. “These are things that keep me strong and level-headed.”