SJA students display their virtue

Published 12:04 am Saturday, April 14, 2018

St. Joan of Arc Catholic School students receive “Viking Virtue” cards for showing Christian virtue and for acts worthy of recognition.

They place their cards in one of three boxes on campus. Each week Principal Jeffrey Montz pulls three cards out of a box.

Viking Virtue students for March are, from left, bottom row, Jax Tamplain, Leah Williams, Diego Santiago, second row, Briggs Anderson, Christian Favorite, Sofia Meneses, third row, Molly Brady, Kennedi Miller, Gabriel Kugler, top row, Jackson Monica, Brady St. Pierre and Timothy McGruder.

Those students’ names are placed on the “Viking Virtue Wall” in the school’s cafeteria, and the students’ parents are contacted to make them aware of their children’s achievements.

Each receives special privileges, like dressing in jeans one day during the week, going to the front of the lunch line with a friend for three days and receiving a treat at recess.