Dizer plans to build on Rebels success

Published 12:03 am Saturday, March 24, 2018

RESERVE — Forever impacted by the hard work of his predecessors, freshly named Riverside Academy head football coach Kevin Dizer is focused on continuing to lead the successful Rebels program.

With former head coach Chris Lachney leaving for Southeastern Louisiana University, Dizer is motivated to keep the Rebels on their track to success.

“I wanted to keep the tradition and culture that coach (Bill) Stubbs and coach Lachney built here, and I didn’t want the whole thing to start over,” Dizer said. “We’ve got something special as a coaching staff, and I’m really excited to be the head of it.”

Attaining a head coaching position has been a dream, and Dizer is looking forward to growing alongside his players. He said fans can expect to see his players fight for a full 48 minutes on game days, regardless of how good or bad they are.

“I’m not worried about the results of the games,” Dizer said. “I’m just worried about the energy, excitement and passion that we bring.”

Dizer plans to incorporate a lot of the same policies and procedures built upon years of trial and error. During past seasons, he’s taken inspiration from Stubbs’ tight-ship discipline, Lachney’s quiet leadership and athletic director Timmy Byrd’s ability to maintain a reputation of success.

“Personality wise, I can only be me, but I pick up bits and pieces from everybody’s coaching styles,” Dizer said.

Other role models include his high school coach, Dell Ashley, and college offensive coordinator Ray Caldwell.

“Ray has this extreme passion and love for the game,” Dizer said. “I’ve also taken inspiration from Dell Ashley’s defensive scheme and philosophy.”

As the first African American head football coach in the history of Riverside Academy, Dizer is proud of what the milestone means for the school and community.

“If a school wanted to hire me just because I’m black, that wouldn’t be something that I would do,” Dizer said. “I got the job because I was the best candidate for the position, and I always want the best person to have the job, regardless of color. At the end of the day, it’s still something to be proud of and show the community how we can work together.”

Dizer said he has begun setting the stage for next season by focusing on the program’s youth.

While Riverside Academy’s offensive and defensive schemes will reflect much of what has been done in previous years, Dizer said adjustments are necessary to account for the loss of graduating seniors.

“We don’t have another 6’4,’’ 215-pound  guy like (quarterback) Jordan Loving or 6’3’’ and 6’4’’ receivers like Jeremiah Bigham and Jalen Banks,” Dizer said. “We don’t have Garland Robinson in the secondary.”

The younger guys in the program are capable of stepping up when needed, Dizer said, adding he is looking forward to working with returning playmakers Kash Foley, Louis Cheneau, Bryan Simmons and Chadwick James.

Foley had a massive year as a junior and is receiving a lot of recruiting and scholarship attention, according to Dizer.

Spring practice is tentatively scheduled for May 7-19.

Dizer said he plans to maintain his position as head coach for the Lady Rebels basketball team, adding the girls deserve the support of a coaching staff that believes in them.