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Marino: Videography services contract questioned

Did anyone at the (St. John Parish) Council Meeting say that two companies had submitted RFPs?

YES, another company did submit an RFP.

They were registered with the Secretary of State and in GOOD standing when they submitted the RFP. But the company that was awarded the contract was NOT in good standing until Feb. 9, 2018. One month after the deadline to submit the RFP.

During the Feb. 27 meeting someone stated that it was a $25 fee to be restated. The actual fee that had to be paid was $130. Did anyone do research on these companies? It took me five minutes to do both.

So why did the Administration award this contract?

One thing that was strange, during the discussion about awarding the contract was the President and CAO said nothing.

Here’s another question, did this company have all of the required insurance when they were hired to do the Jan. 23 meeting?

This Administration creates rules as they go.

Just look at the Scoring Criteria (Exhibit C) of the RFP.

How do they award contracts?

If they do it with this contract, what about all of the other contracts they award?

— Richard Marino, LaPlace