Stagehands present “Seussical”: SCC theater students welcome all

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, March 7, 2018

LAPLACE — Football stars, cheerleaders and video game enthusiasts have an unexpected connection at St. Charles Catholic High School.

Every clique grouped together in the cafeteria contains someone with a passion for theater, and members of the SCC Stagehands drama club said students from all walks of high school have forged friendships on stage.

Sophomore Trey Lowry plays football in the fall and joins productions in the spring.

In the Stagehands produced musical “Seussical,” running March 22 to 24 at St. John Theatre in Reserve, he brings classic stories to life in his role as Horton the Elephant.

A former baseball player, Trey rediscovered a love for theater when he came to SCC in eighth grade.

Maddie Millet, Luke Boucvalt and Trey Lowry are part of the theater team at St. Charles Catholic High School.

“I found what I’d been missing was this part of my life,” Trey said, adding his decision to leave baseball incited some tension between him and his friends that has since evaporated.

“You find out who your true friends are because honestly, when I left my baseball friends, they were hesitant to keep that relationship between me and them,” Trey said.  “But then they saw that first show and realized I had a better talent in this. They’re big, tough guys, but they’re really supportive, always asking me when they can watch me perform.”

Freshman Luke Boucvalt considers himself the kind of person one would expect to find in drama programs. A lover of the theater through and through, Luke said he never stops talking about shows or singing musical numbers.

In his role as the Cat in the Hat in the upcoming play, Boucvalt plans to perform in accordance to his favorite Dr. Seuss quote: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

In Stagehands, he’s crossed the peer boundaries and befriended people he never expected to talk to otherwise.

“It’s the people who you least expect who surprise you the most,” Luke said. “You see people who step in from all these sports, and you’re blown away at the talent inside of them. Doing theater definitely opens a gate for them.”

Luke said he enjoys seeing a new world unfold before the eyes of his classmates as they break free from their comfort zones.

Junior Maddie Millet, a SCC cheerleader with more than 10 years of acting experience, said she loves how everyone gets along in Stagehands.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re only an eighth grader, the upperclassmen will talk to you the whole time,” Maddie said. “You get to be proud of each other, watching yourself grow and your peers grow.”

Stagehand members said theater crosses peer boundaries and helps students break free from the status quo.

She looks forward to playing Gertrude McFuzz in “Seussical,” adding she’s never felt more herself than when she steps into the role of a character.

“Coming into high school, people don’t want to be different,” Maddie said. “You want to fit in. It’s ironic because you actually discover yourself while trying to be someone else.”

Stagehands director Greer Millet said it’s common for students to find self-identity on stage. Taking on a role builds empathy, she said, while presenting oneself to an audience is an act of bravery only achievable when students are ready.

Students who hardly say a word in class build confidence through theater and connect with new friends.

“Whenever I’m teaching seniors and there’s a clap of thunder, people get excited about not having practice,” Millet said. “I’ve never once heard of a student say they don’t want to go to rehearsal.”

Participating in a show is an incomparable experience for those interested in learning more about drama, she said, and even the youngest students are welcomed with a shot at leading roles.

SCC Stagehands presents “Seussical” at 7:30 p.m. March 22 – 24 at St. John Theatre in Reserve. Tickets are $10 each, available at the school office and at the door.

A 90-minute matinee performance for elementary and middle school students starts at 9:15 a.m. March 21 at St. John Theatre. Admission is $5 for parents and students and free for teachers. For more information about “Seussical,” contact Tricia Lowry at 985-652-3809 ext. 112 or email