Emily C. Watkins providing unique Microsoft Office Certification

Published 12:02 am Saturday, February 24, 2018

LAPLACE — Emily C. Watkins is one of the middle schools in St. John the Baptist Parish that is offering certification in PowerPoint and Word 2016.

The eighth grade students will receive Microsoft Office Certification if they pass the exam with a 700 or above.

Students are automatically put into a competition that could lead to state and world recognition.

The course will give them high school credit upon completion. The course is designed to use LearnKey and Gmetrix.

These two programs offer practice videos along with exercises and practice tests.

Krystal Pauli, who is the teacher of the course, also creates projects related to the skills of the program.

Emily C. Watkins was the first middle school in the district to have a student certified in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Since the initial certification, four more eighth graders have received certification. The students who receive Microsoft Office Certification have a better advantage of success in high school and future jobs because of the significant skills they have acquired.