Riverside royalty take their reigns

Published 12:02 am Saturday, January 27, 2018

RESERVE — Riverside Academy in Reserve presented Carnival Balls Friday and today.

Riverside Academy family and friends can enjoy the Krewe Bord de L’eau presents “Visits With Sinister Villains” at 7 p.m. tonight in their gymnasium.

Jr. King Rebel XXXIX Jeremy Jung and Jr. Queen Dixie XXXIX Camryn Loving reigned as monarchs over their court Friday night.

Jr. King Rebel XXXIX Jeremy Jung & Jr. Queen Dixie XXXIX Camryn Loving

Sr. King Rebel XXXVIII Dane Edler and Sr. Queen Dixie XXXVIII Shelby Cheramie will reign as monarchs over their court tonight.

The two courts combined raised $55,520.81 for Riverside Academy.

Along with the king and queen, Jr. court members include Prince Brody Roccaforte and Princess Janie Roccaforte, 1st Duke and Maid Tate Brack and Kylee Silvestri, 2nd Duke and Maid Bryce Murden and Dakota Williams, 3rd Duke and Maid Eli Guidry and Sophie Milioto.

Pages to the king and queen are Brinley Roccaforte and Cannon Mistretta.

Returning this year to share in the excitement are Jr. King Rebel XXXVIII Carson Campbell and Jr. Queen Dixie XXXVIII Amber Palermo.

Along with the King and Queen of the Sr. court, members include Prince Douglas Gilchrist and Princess Sheridan Baughman, 1st Duke and Maid Bryce Duhon and Lindsay Noyes, 2nd Duke and Maid Aaron Hutchinson and Elainey Heltz, 3rd Duke and Maid Hunter Landry and Lea Champagne, 4th Duke and Maid Gavin Vicknair and Victoria St. Martin, 5th Duke and Maid Jerrett Ramagor and Breanna Epperly, 6th Duke and Maid Kaleb Waguespack and Morgan Cook, 7th Duke and Maid Jackson Steinkamp and Katelyn Wale, 8th Duke and Maid Jeremy Baughman and Casey Noyes, 9th Duke and Maid Colby Wilson and Sarah Fleuriet.

Pages to the king and queen are Haylee Phillips and Brilee Trepagnier.

Returning this year to engage in the festivities are Sr. King Rebel XXXVII Cory Duhe and Sr. Queen Dixie XXXVII Rianna Breaud.

Ushers for the two nights are Jared Hymel, Byron Gilcrease, Mason Scioneaux and Bobby Knowles.