St. John residents asked to limit water use Thursday

Published 6:18 am Thursday, January 18, 2018

LAPLACE — St. John the Baptist Parish Government contnues to urge residents to use as little water as possible as local Utilities systems work to catch up.

“Water customers Parishwide are experiencing little to no water pressure due to over 100 isolated water leaks, freeze precautions and excessive use,” the Parish said. “This will continue as long as we are producing more water than we are making. Please use as little amount of water as possible (Thursday) to allow for replenishing. We have another night of freezing temperatures forecast tonight and we urge residents to heed these precautions. Thank you for your assistance.”

Late Wednesday night, the parish releases the following statement:

Attention residents, businesses and industry. Please stop water use immediately to avoid a total loss in water pressure! The utilities department has responded to over 100 leaks today alone taxing the system and we are over capacity and unable to sustain pressure. To avoid a total loss in water pressure, please stop water usage immediately so that our systems can catch up. Thank you.

Due to the combination of more than 100 isolated leaks Wednesday, dripping faucets and excessive water use, systems were taxed and not producing as much water as being used.

Many Parish officials , personnel, crews and first responders are worked through the night and will continue working until conditions are back to normal, officials said.

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