St. John Parish offers tips for frozen pipes; Hard Freeze Warning to continue overnight Wednesday

Published 6:45 am Wednesday, January 17, 2018

LAPLACE — Many residents experiencing frozen pipes should take the necessary steps to thaw pipes safely.

If a leak is discovered once thawing occurs, please dial 911 immediately.

Thawing Pipes:

  • Hair Dryer- One of the easiest ways to thaw a pipe is by using a hair dryer. Simply turn the dryer on and point the heat at the pipe, beginning with the portion closest to the faucet.
  • Heat Lamp or Portable Space Heater- Position the device so that the heat is able to reach the frozen pipe. This indirect heat can help to quickly thaw a pipe.
  • Hot Towels- Another way to thaw a frozen pipe is to wrap towels that have been dipped in hot water around the pipe. This can help to slowly thaw the blockage.
  • Electrical Heating Tape- A final option is to apply electrical heating tape directly to the pipe. This tape distributes heat throughout the pipe.

If the pipe bursts:

If a frozen water pipe does burst, the first thing you should do is shut off the main water line into your property.

This will prevent additional water from flowing and damaging your property. You should know where the shut-off valves are for each of your properties and for each unit.

There are usually smaller shut-off valves located near sinks and toilets, but the main shut-off valve is often located near the water meter.

Please dial 911 to report a leak or if you need assistance.


A Hard Freeze Warning is in effect Wednesday night through Thursday at 11 am.

A list of Freeze safety tips are available at

Road Conditions:

  • I-10 from Hwy 51 in LaPlace to Jefferson Parish is closed.
  • I-55 is closed in both directions.
  • Old US 51 (the Low Road) is NOW OPEN between LaPlace and Ponchatoula. US 51 from US 61 in Laplace to the Mississippi State line is closed due to ice on roadway.
  • I-310 is closed. To access the Hale Boggs Bridge, residents may use  LA 48 and LA 18.
  • Old Hwy 51 low road is open – but not passable due to ice.

Before traveling, check road conditions by visiting the State Police’s website at or dial 511 for latest. Stay indoors if possible.

Stay Connected:

Parish sites will be updated throughout the day at and on Facebook at St. John Parish.

To sign up for emergency text messages and emails, visit and click on “Stay Connected.”