Sheriff Office: Letter to Santa promotion OK despite sex offender

Published 12:11 am Wednesday, December 20, 2017

LAPLACE — A LaPlace woman who encouraged local families and children to stop by her home and drop off “letters to Santa” in a designated mail box despite having a registered sex offender living at the home did not violate any laws, according to the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Angel Munoz-Bullock, who lives at 23 Ridgewood Drive in LaPlace, promoted through social media and local interview, that she would stand outside dressed as an elf and welcome families to drop off the letters, promising those received through Thursday could expect Santa to mail a letter back to the child’s address within three to five business days.

When made public, some in the community objected to the promotion because Munoz-Bullock’s husband — 40-year-old Myron D. Bullock — was a registered sex offender.

According to registration information available online with the St. John Sheriff’s Office, Myron Bullock is a Tier 1 sex offender with a carnal knowledge of a juvenile conviction.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Munoz-Bullock cleared her holiday promotion with authorities, which deemed it lawful as long as Myron Bullock was not outside with children who were dropping off letters.

The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office was consulted on the Christmas mailbox request.

Further, the Sheriff’s Office said special patrols passed in front of the Bullock household and never found Myron Bullock to be outside engaging in the Christmas letter promotion.

Munoz-Bullock confirmed to L’OBSERVATEUR her husband is a sex offender, saying the charge dates back to his teenage years.

“I did let the register people at St. John Parish know what I was doing, and they had no problem with it,” Munoz-Bullock said.

“When I first got with him, I thought the same thing: I mean sex offender, you’re not coming around my kids. But when you look at it, you realize they have different sex offenders from tier 1, to tier 2, to tier 3. He is a teir 1, meaning there is two-year age difference.

“Myron and I have two boys together. He is raising my son. We have three grandchildren. Myron is in no shape or form a sex offender in the way (people perceive it).”

Munoz-Bullock said she never felt like she was misleading the public with her promotion.