St. John Parish announces social studies fair results

Published 12:03 am Saturday, December 16, 2017

The St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District held its District Social Studies Fair on Nov. 30. Students had to win at the school level to advance to the district competition.

Top students from the district competition will now advance to the regional competition.

Winners in Division 1 were:

Sociology: Chaela Alexander (GMMS), first place; Gianna Williams  (LPE), second place; Laila Lewis (WSJE), third place.

Louisiana History (Team): Re’Shawn Hillaire and Dedric Lastie (LPE), first place.

Louisiana History: Kerry Raymond (LES), first place; Honalee Yates (ECW), second place; Clyde Stewart (LES), third place.

Anthropology (team): N’Shanda Morrison and Miyah Griffin (LPE), first place; Sanya Coxie and Jahnia Wells (LPE), second place.

Anthropology: Yahir Montejo (LPE), first place; Da’Von Kennedy (LES), second place; Taylar Higginbothom (LPE), third place.

History: Jermaine Mangle (GMMS), first place; Nathan Noel (LES), second place; Amari Evens (ESJP), third place.

Winners in Division 2 were:

Geography (team): Michael Porter and Alajiah Coxie (LPE), first place; Nevaeh Cox and Samiyah Alexander (LPE), second place.

Economics: Savannah Banks (LPE), first place; Jasmine Matthews (ESJP), second place; Jaymon Jasmin (WSJE), third place.

Sociology: Jai Gaines (ESJP), first place; Johanne Ragas (LPE), second place; Mya Miller (ECW), third place.

Geography: Beza Tilahun (LPE), first place; Janneth Lopez (LPE); second place; Angel Valles (ECW), third place.

Louisiana History (Teams): Jayla Paulding and Tayah Cook (ESJP), first place; Ashlyn Smith and Robyell Singleton (LPE), second place.

History: Cyrel Rodrigazo (ESJP), first place; Rodrigo Hernandez (LPE), first place; Brianna Anderson (ECW), second place; Jason Parker (LPE), third place.

Economics (Team): Ashia Ward and Haley Mertin (LPE); first place; Lakayla Hopkins and Emily Lee (LPE), second place.

Anthropology (Team): Angelina Aguilar and Destiny Chartian (LPE), first place; Joann Herrera and Anjel Herrera-Valencia (ESJP), second place.

Political Science: Jaylon Franklin (WSJE), first place; Jedah Turner (LPE), second place; Lizette Orejel (ESJP), third place.

Sociology (Team): Matthew Hoadley and Jose Yanes  (LPE), first place; Lori Lennix and Quintrell Risin (LPE), second place.

Louisiana History: Mason James (LES), first place; Aiana Walker (ESJP), second place; Nasir Lewis (LPE), third place.

History (Teams): Kayla Green and Kaden Foster (LPE); first place; Samuel Hernandez and Emile Ranker (LPE), second place.

Political Science (team): Shaquan Barnett and Nijah Anthony (LPE), first place.

Anthropology: Norelle Frank (ESJP), first place; Amaru Miller (ECW), second place; Yasmin Moore (LPE), third place.

Winners in Division 3 were:

Geography: Cameron Cage (ESJH), first place.

Sociology: Jalin Darensbourg (ESJH), second place.

History: Iriel Crouch (ESJH), first place; Mia Meyer (ESJH), second place.

Louisiana History: Taylor Singleton (ESJH), first place; Trinity Age (WSJH), second place; Destinee Cashio (ESJH), third place.

Sociology (team): Jordan Coleman and Carvente Favorite (WSJH), second place.

Economics (Team): Kayla Morris and Serenity Martin (ESJH), second place.

Anthropology (Team): Diane Gomez and Justin Little (ESJH), second place.