St. John Parish announces science fair results

Published 12:04 am Saturday, December 16, 2017

The St. John the Baptist Parish Public School District held its District Science Fair on Nov. 29. Students had to win at the school level to advance to the district competition.

Top students from the district competition will now advance to the regional competition.

Winners in Division 1 were:

Earth and Environmental Science: Jai Gaines (ESJP), first place; James Marshall (LPE), second place.

Materials Science: Zachary Taylor (LES), first place.

Plant Sciences: Asia Scioneaux (GMMS), first place; Amari Foster (JLO), second place; Anaya Shephard (WSJH), third place.

Energy: Chemical: Luis Rivera (LES), first place; Jonathon Webre (ESJP), second place; Alyssa Payne (ECW), third place.

Behavioral and Social Sciences: Ellian Green and Darryl Robertson (JLO), first place.

Chemistry (team): Mason Jones and Victor Estrella (JLO), first place.

Energy: Physical: Katie Loranca (ECW), first place; Jeremy Snyder (ESJP), second place; Bryson Smith (ECW), third place.

Behavioral and Social Sciences: Daija Gaines (ESJP), first place; Alissa Stutzman (JLO), second place; Mya Miller (ECW), third place.

Engineering Mechanics: Emmani Payne (GMMS), first place; Marcial Barrera (ECW), second place; Kylin Smith (WSJE), third place.

Chemistry: Aaron Scioneaux (GMMS), first place; Connealla Porter (LES), second place; Tr’Nahja Smith (JLO), third place.

Animal Sciences: Ava Davis (LPE), first place; JaRon Minor (LPE), second place; Shamar Pierre (WSJH), third place.

Physics and Astronomy: Rosie Bourgeois (JLO), first place; Daylen Jackson (WSJE), second place; Damon Meeker (JLO), third place.

Biochemistry: Lexi St. Pierre (JLO), first place; Jerome Reed (ESJP), second place.

Microbiology: Kiya Sears (LPE), first place; Conteca Cook (ESJP), second place; Zuleyka Suc Ixcoy (ESJP), third place.

Biomedical and Health Sciences: Carlo Travis Jr. (GMMS), first place; Jada Brown (JLO), second place; Victoria Upshaw (JLO); third place.

Environmental Engineering: Bryce Watkins (LES), first place.

Winners in Division 2 (high school) were:

Animal Sciences: Jalen Walker (WSJH), first place.

Chemistry: Chris Taylor (ESJH), first place; Amiya Lumar (WSJH), second place.

Energy: Brandon Couste (ESJH), first place.

Microbiology: Jania McMickle (ESJH), first place.

Robotics and Intelligent Machines: Roberta Holmes (WSJH), first place; Phillip Riggio (ESJH), second place.