Looks Bright: St. Peter 7th grader Bethany Alboudoor eyes future in math, game development

Published 12:14 am Saturday, December 16, 2017

RESERVE — St. Peter Catholic School seventh grader Bethany Alboudoor has a strong work ethic and big plans to become a computer engineer or game developer.

She’s had a love for video games since age 4, when she’d play on the computer alongside her older sister, Olivia. Today, having just turned 13, Bethany plays video games in her spare time and is interested in developing her own puzzle and strategy games for the PC.

She’s inspired by the work of independent video game designer Scott Cawthon and respects his dedication to supporting his family and unwavering Christian faith.

In class, Bethany’s favorite subject is math because of the challenge it presents.

Drama sponsor Wendy Ilski, left, stands with Bethany Alboudoor, who she describes as a lead student.

“I like to keep my grades high, and I always tell my mom I’m not going to bed until I get all my homework and studying done,” Bethany said, adding she prefers to stay ahead and tends to do her work far in advance.

Watching older students be recognized for achievements has motivated her since she was very young, and she strives to make the best of whatever she’s involved in.

Every day, Bethany makes schedules to balance her commitments to 4-H, Beta Club, drama, student council, choir and volleyball while still making time to finish her homework.

She comes to school early each weekday to help preschool teachers with the 2-year-old students, bringing little ones to the classroom and often escorting them to church service.

Dedicated to her faith, Bethany extends service to St. Peter Catholic Church by reading during Mass, ushering and singing in the choir.

Upon returning to her home, she helps take care of her grandmother, Marlene Tregre.

Wendy Ilski has known Bethany for years, having served as her social studies and religion teacher, drama sponsor and school librarian. She described Bethany as a humble, superstar student.

“Bethany is one of our lead students, especially when it comes to her faith,” Ilski said. “In the classroom, she is the go-to person when we need someone to help other students. Bethany is just an amazing example of what we want a St. Peter student to be.”

She said Bethany is wise for her years and “above typical tween things.”

“She circumvents those things and doesn’t get involved in that kind of drama,” Ilski said, noting the only drama Bethany is part of takes place on a stage.

Out of all her extracurricular activities, Bethany said she enjoys drama and volleyball the most. This year is her fourth in drama, and she knew from a young age that she wanted to be a part of St. Peter’s signature productions of classic stories with Cajun twists.

Bethany has been on the varsity volleyball team for three years, deciding to join after watching her sister win MVP.

When she enrolls in St. Charles Catholic High School next year, she plans to become involved in a variety of new extracurricular activities, including but not limited to drumline, dance team, math club, science club and video games club.

Bethany is the daughter of Darnell Alboudoor of Garyville.