St. John the Baptist Parish arrests report: 12/2 – 12/7

Published 12:01 am Saturday, December 9, 2017


Javon Gomez, 34, 182 NW 13th St., Reserve, hit & run driving  – death or serious injury, switched plates (misdemeanor), criminal sanctions for operating motor vehicle not covered by security, operating vehicle with suspended license, false certificates

Thelonious J. Walters, 44, 1158 Vacherie Road, Vacherie, D.W.I. – 1st offense (misdemeanor), number of driving lamps/parking lights required of permitted, proper equipment required on vehicles, vehicle registration expired (misdemeanor), possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles

Travis Richardson Reeves, 34, 13474 Parwood Ave., Baton Rouge, D.W.I. – 1st offense (misdemeanor), maximum speed limit (interstate or controlled access highway)

Marques Alexander Thomas, 36, 21 Sawgrass St., LaPlace, two attachment warrants

Chad Edward Adams, 26, 633 Revere Dr., LaPlace, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling (felony), attachment warrant, bench warrant

Jonathan Emile Mizell, 49, 201 Rue Dubourg, LaPlace, theft – less than $1,000 (misdemeanor), criminal trespass – immovable property

Daejanae Joseph, 17, 477 S. Emilie St., Garyville, disturbing the peace – engaging in a fistic encounter (misdemeanor)

Danielle Taylor, 17, 387 Historic Main St., Garyville, disturbing the peace – engaging in a fistic encounter (misdemeanor)

Ervin R. Felder, 26, 500 E. Robinson St., Hammond, attachment warrant

Amber Vicknair, 30, 7 Kerney Ct., LaPlace, domestic abuse battery (misdemeanor)


Christopher D. Stamps, 28, 1110 Broynd Ave., Harvey, attachment warrant

Oscar U. Caldera, 28, 2 Amar Drive, Hammond, unlawful refusal to submit to chemical tests (misdemeanor), operating a vehicle while under suspension for certain prior offenses (misdemeanor), D.W.I. – 3rd offense (felony), pedestrians on highways, proper equipment required on vehicles; unsafe vehicles, possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles


Corey Smith, 47, 2825 Yorktowne Dr., LaPlace, domestic abuse battery involving strangulation (felony), domestic abuse aggravated assault

Russell Harris, 47, 2821 Cambridge Dr., LaPlace, DWI – Operating while intoxicated, driving on roadway laned for traffic

Brian S. Gremillion, 45, 317 E. Airline Hwy., LaPlace, fugitive warrant issued by Ascension Parish

Kyron Watkins, 29, 1204 Cambridge Dr., Apt. C, LaPlace, attachment warrant

James I. Lane, 58, 320 Turtle Creek Lane, St. Rose, attachment warrant

Ricky Alford, 29, 5371 Norlan Ave., Gretna, theft – less than $1,000 (misdemeanor)


Jeremy Russel Davis, 25, 217 Belle Terre Blvd., LaPlace, theft by fraud – less than $1,000 (misdemeanor), illegal possession of stolen things (misdemeanor)

Patrick Williams, 54, 1107 Paul Fredrick, Luling, attempted aggravated battery – 2 counts, simple assault (misdemeanor), violation of protective orders (misdemeanor)

Garnet R. Crump, 53, 1408 N. Sugar Ridge Road, LaPlace, attachment warrant

Maurice Emanuel Hodges, 34, 140 E. 21st St., Reserve, attachment warrant

Shannon Marie Brewer, 35, 1804 Williamsburg Dr., LaPlace, attachment warrant

Kelada Alise Winfield, 39, 333 St. James Place, LaPlace, attachment warrant

Juvenile male, 14, LaPlace, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling (felony)

Roy Verret, 17, 2824 Concordia Dr., LaPlace, three counts of simple criminal damage to property – under $500 (misdemeanor)

Juvenile male, 15, LaPlace, simple burglary – motor vehicle, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling (felony) – two counts


Stephen Paul Leblanc, 64, 145 E. 5th St., Reserve, criminal trespass – immovable property

Derrick A. Zeno Jr., 35, 2101 Tiffany Dr., LaPlace, attachment warrant

Jace Bailey, 28, 3204 Highway 642, Paulina, attachment warrant

Yolanda D. Augillard, 37, 224 Union Lane, Montz, two attachment warrants

Jordan Jamal Anderson, 22, 1508 Belle Point, LaPlace, battery of a dating partner 1st Offense – Sec C (misdemeanor)

Avery Ashby Lennix, 25, 208 E. 30th St., Reserve, attachment warrant, judicial commitment: serving 5 days – concurrent

Torre Jahleel Davis, 18, 3009 Cambridge Dr., LaPlace, three counts of principal to Simple criminal damage to property


Juvenile male, 15, LaPlace, simple burglary of inhabited dwelling (felony)

Dwaine Anthony Thomas, 41, 238 Amp Circle, Edgard, violation of probation/parole,
attachment warrant, 2nd degree battery (felony)

Landry Robinson Jr., 41, 613 Betsy Ross Ct., LaPlace, theft – less than $1,000 (misdemeanor), attachment warrant