Michel: A great Christmas doesn’t need perfection

Published 12:04 am Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Christmas merchandise in the stores has been warning me for weeks that this season was coming and now it’s here. This time between Thanksgiving and Christmas seems to fly by faster than any other season in the year.

It’s typically filled with parties, shopping, preparations and conversations about parties and shopping.

This year I’m going to try and curtail the stress I’ve succumbed to in the past. Maybe I’ll forget to do something, run out of time to mail Christmas cards and won’t find a gift I’ve carefully hidden until the grandchild is too old to play with it.

It’s all happened before.

At the onset of this season, I’m giving myself permission to be imperfect. The theme of my Christmas tree will again be the ornaments my kids have made combined with those I’ve bought during a clearance sale.

The recipes from Southern Living may remain untested in my kitchen.

And I refuse to be pressured into debt in exchange for this year’s latest and greatest merchandise.

I plan to relish the holiday baking, visits from family and the Christmas music that I’ve waited all year to hear.

I’ve just made peace with the fact that if my days are not picture perfect, I’m still OK.

My goal this season is to stay focused on the chorus that rang out from the heavenly host on the night Jesus was born.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” Luke 2:14

Ronny Michel may be reached at rmichel@rtconline.com.