#iGiveCatholic effort looks to help aging sanctuary flooring at AOL

Published 12:13 am Saturday, November 25, 2017

LAPLACE — Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church in LaPlace is collecting online donations Tuesday during the third annual #iGiveCatholic fundraiser to replace aging flooring within the church and spread the spirit of Catholic faith.

Community members are asked to donate live on Tuesday at igivecatholic.org. The minimum donation is $25, and those who will not have access to the Internet during the time of the event can preschedule a donation this weekend.

Credit card assistance will be available Tuesday at the AOL Parish Office, located at 799 Fairway Drive in LaPlace.

Those who are unable to make an online donation can bring cash or a check to the office. These donations will go toward the monetary goal of the church but will not count toward the #iGiveCatholic leaderboards and potential prizes associated with online donation.

Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church is promoting the fundraiser with the theme “Walk With Us” by handing out footprints with a cross pin to parishioners at Mass. A host of festivities are planned for the day of the event, according to Susie Lanza, lead fundraiser coordinator.

Between 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., community members are invited to stop by the AOL Parish Office and enjoy coffee and donuts for breakfast, hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch, ice cream in the afternoon, wine and cheese in the evening and door prize giveaways throughout the day.

“We encourage people to come by the office and share in the fellowship and excitement because we’re doing all of this for the church,” Lanza said, noting it’s fun to gather with others and watch the #iGiveCatholic online leading board fluctuate as new donations arrive.

AOL participated in #iGiveCatholic for the first time last year, and community response was overwhelmingly positive, Lanza said.

Last year’s fundraiser collected nearly $30,000 in donations to build a restroom in the church’s adoration chapel. This year, the goal is to raise $30,000 to replace aging flooring in the sanctuary, sacristy and cry room.

She said monetary rewards are available for the parishes, schools and nonprofit ministries that collect the greatest number of gifts, meaning AOL can win an additional $1,500. Lanza said the objective isn’t to collect the most money, but rather to attract the most supporters.

“One of the goals is to have a multitude of people participate and spread the Catholic faith,” Lanza said. “The prizes go to whoever has the greatest number of gifts, not necessarily who has the most total dollars. We’re excited to have the opportunity to participate and share our faith.”

Coinciding with Giving Tuesday, #iGiveCatholic is a giving day celebrated by 17 Catholic arch/dioceses across the country. Secure, tax-deductible donations to eligible Catholic parishes, schools, ministries and nonprofit organizations are accepted on igivecatholic.org during a 24-hour period.

Other organizations from the Archdiocese of New Orleans, including St. Charles Catholic High School and St. Joan of Arc Catholic School, are also participating. For more information, call Lanza at 504-650-0496 or visit igivecatholic.org.