Giving Thanks: St. John residents count holiday blessings

Published 12:06 am Saturday, November 25, 2017

St. John the Baptist Parish residents came together Tuesday at Regala Gym in Reserve for the annual Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Luncheon hosted by the St. John Sheriff’s Office. During the luncheon, which included bingo and a substantial meal, guests shared what they are most thankful for during this holiday season.

Deputy Claudette Edwards is thankful God has blessed her and guided her to support senior citizens of St. John the Baptist Parish at the annual Senior Citizens Luncheon for the past three years. She chose to volunteer her time Tuesday even though she was on vacation and off-duty from work. As a family-focused person, she’s also thankful for being able to spend time with her loved ones.


Daniel Cook of LaPlace is thankful he’s healthy and able to be there for his children, Bryan and Anthony Cook. His late daughter, Monica Cook, has been gone since 2004, but she’s still present in his thoughts and memories. Getting the family together in one place and enjoying a great time with good food is what he loves most about the holidays.


Tiffany Richard, crime scene deputy with the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office, is thankful to be part of a great organization. She’s happy to wake up each morning and welcome a new day with her loving friends and family. This holiday season, she’s excited to cook delicious meals, make memories and find great deals while Christmas shopping.


Raymond Laviolette Sr. is thankful to be alive and able to celebrate another Thanksgiving alongside his family. He and his wife, Louise, have lived in LaPlace for 45 years. For the past six years, he’s enjoyed attending the Senior Citizens Luncheon to play bingo and enjoy a hearty meal with his wife, his brother-in-law and his sister-in-law. Louise Laviolette is thankful to connect with their children and grandchildren during the holidays each year.


Ethel Perrilloux is thankful to be alive this holiday season, and she enjoys sitting down for a nice Thanksgiving meal with her small but close-knit family. This year, she celebrated with her husband, Ferdinand Sr., and her son, Ferdinand Jr. Her other son, the late Freddie Perrilloux, is always in her thoughts.


Sgt. Faron Duhe is thankful to wake up to a new day each morning, content and healthy. He’s grateful for the wellbeing of all his family members and for having the opportunity to gather together at this time each year. His work at the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office is important to him, and he’s enjoyed volunteering at the Senior Citizens Luncheon for the past 10 years.