4-H students decorate pumpkins

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Students from St. John 4-H were invited to participate in a Pumpkin Decorating Contest last month, paint, carving tools, lights and other decorative art pieces.   

Each club invited their members to bring pumpkins to be judged.

This year, six schools participated in this contest. Garyville Magnet had 2 contestants: 1st place, Alaycia Cannon (4th) and 2nd place, Jace Richmond (4th).

Ascension of Our Lord had 3 contestants: 1st place, Caroline Engeron (4th), 2nd place, Torie Joesph (4th), and 3rd place, Kharma Creecy (7th).

West St. John High had 2 contestants: 1st place, Aaliyah Bailey (10th) and 2nd place Jalen Walker (10th).

St. Peter had 3 contestants: 1st place, Rita White (4th), Dane Delaneville (7th), and Bethany Alboudoor (7th).

St. John Alternative club had 9 contestants: 1st place, Kahil Nelson (8th), Matthew Pease (8th), and 3rd place, Nadia Jarra-Sefo (8th).

The other club participants were: Allen Schnyder (8th), Marria Norwood (8th), Carrie Norwood (8th), Katie Pease (8th), Asiajanae Webb (8th), Anna Matherne (8th), and Dajshana Chapman (8th).

Fifth Ward had 6 contestants: 1st place, Tinija Frank (4th), 2nd place, Lexi Perrillioux (4th), and Destiy Henry (4th).

The other club participants were: Tayonne Barne (4th), Lillianna Davilla (3rd), Tayah Young (4th).

The overall 4th thorugh 6th grade winner for the parish is Rita White from St. Peter club and the overall 7th through 12th grade winner is Kahil Nelson from the St. John Alternative Club.

Thank you to Larry Sorapuru Jr., Bernell Charles, Andre’ Brock and Mary Oncale for being this year’s judges.