‘Why can’t I get all 100s?’ – 10th grader eyes academic heights

Published 12:13 am Saturday, November 4, 2017

RESERVE — Academics have always come easily to 15-year-old Jose Folgar of LaPlace, who achieved a 30 on the ACT as a freshman and has never gotten less than an A on his report card.

Currently a sophomore at East St. John High, Folgar balances extracurricular activities, a love for outdoor sports and church service with his dedication to his grades.

He continuously pushes his limits to see how much he can achieve.

Jose Folgar, 15, shows some of the stretches he utilizes as captain of the East St. John High cross country team.

“I was looking at my grades, and I had an epiphany,” Folgar said. “I asked myself, ‘Why can’t I get all 100s?’ Then I thought about what I needed to do to make that happen.”

He decided it would come down to listening in class, studying and staying on top of homework. His first quarter grades, which include eight 100s and one 99, reflect the work he’s put in.

“I like the 99 because it shows I’m not perfect,” Folgar said.

Folgar described himself as a high achiever and a nerd with natural curiosity and an interest in math and science.

He’s currently pursuing an engineering pathway by taking classes including career readiness, introduction to engineering and computer science.

Engineering coursework involves brainteasers, assembling structures and creating orthographic projections, according to Folgar, who is a member of the Technological Student Association.

He also has an interest in reading and has excelled in the subject on the ACT and other standardized tests.

As a sophomore, Folgar recently had the opportunity to join National English Honor Society and Beta Club, through which he will complete service hours.

However, much of his time is dedicated to sports and other outdoor activities.

Since last year, he’s participated in cross country and serves as team captain. He also takes part in soccer and track and joined Boy Scouts at the urging of his science teacher and troop leader, Dr. Charles Watkins.

Though boys typically join Boy Scouts at a younger age, Watkins said Folgar is on track to achieve the designation of Eagle Scout.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not achieve a goal,” Watkins said. “He’s very self-motivated.

Watkins was one of the first to find out about Folgar’s 30 on the ACT. He urged his freshman students to take the test to familiarize themselves and was pleased when most students received 20s.

He was taken aback when Folgar got a 30.

“I think it’s 60 percent him and 40 percent his mother,” Watkins said. “He has a very good, very dedicated mother.”

Folgar agreed that his mother, Silvia Folgar-Perez, has always been a positive influence in his life, encouraging him to work to the best of his ability and be successful.

When he’s not working hard at school, Folgar enjoys attending First Baptist Church in LaPlace, where he participates in a youth group each Wednesday and teaches children about the Bible during Sunday school.