Helping patients reach their ‘wow’: St. John Physical Therapy celebrates 25 years

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

LAPLACE — Woody Norsworthy, owner and administrator of St. John Physical Therapy in LaPlace, has provided physical therapy and rehabilitation services to people in the River Parishes for decades, and he still enjoys the “wow” reaction that comes when patients notice progress.

“You get what you call a ‘wow’ moment when you help someone, when they say ‘wow, this feels better,’” Norsworthy said. “It’s always a picker-upper. It fulfills your day.”

Yet, he said the most rewarding aspect of his job has been seeing patients return years later because they were pleased with the service and the results they achieved the first time around.

Norsworthy has helped countless patients in the 25 years since St. John Physical Therapy opened, and some stories stand out in his memory.

St. John Physical Therapy, located at 504 Rue De Sante in LaPlace, has operated for 25 years.

He recalls working with a young woman who lost both her legs, ultimately helping her to walk again in time for her to preside over a Mardi Gras ball as returning queen. Another patient, a high school football player, came to him with a knee injury before going on to play for a college team.

St. John Physical Therapy, located at 504 Rue De Sante, celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, and Norsworthy said the staff has given out commemorative T-shirts and cups in honor of the occasion.

The clinic offers a range of physical therapy services to adults and children, including rehabilitation for pain control, sports and industrial injuries, muscular problems, exercise training, strengthening, fitness and more.

St. John Physical Therapy is fully stocked with the equipment needed to serve many needs.

The goal of all physical therapy services is to overcome a neuromuscular problem, regain function and return to daily activities, Norsworthy said.

A native of Jackson, Miss., Norsworthy attended the University of Mississippi before moving to Alexandria in 1983 and then LaPlace in 1988 to work at River Parishes Hospital.

Since 1992, he’s worked at St. John Physical Therapy, seeing patients day in and day out and staying busy doing what he loves.

Norsworthy is highly recommended by physicians in the local area and from around the country, according to patient Henry Hopkins.

Hopkins, who is receiving therapy services for his right knee, said he’s been to St. John Physical Therapy before and always enjoys an excellent experience.

Woody Norsworthy, seen working with Henry Hopkins, said experience and longevity sets St. John Physical Therapy apart from other physical therapy services in the River Parishes.

“I come here because I know I can get the results I need,” Hopkins said. “They make it feel like you’re at home. I had lots of choices, but I chose to come back here.”

Norsworthy said experience and longevity sets St. John Physical Therapy apart from other physical therapy services in the River Parishes.

“Very little can come across here that I haven’t seen or done,” Norsworthy said. “I’ve seen the industry evolve, so very little can surprise me.

“I continue to learn and keep abreast of the new stuff, but I always tell patients muscles and bones don’t change; we just find new practices to treat them.”

There has been significant growth in the River Parishes over the past two and a half decades in addition to changes in the physical therapy industry, Norsworthy said.

Patients no longer need a referral from a physician to benefit from services, but the St. John Physical Therapy staff can refer individuals to specialists if further treatment is required.

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