LaPlace author crafts novels to help young readers

Published 12:11 am Saturday, September 9, 2017

LAPLACE — Teaching children about the parts of speech in reading and writing isn’t an exciting pursuit on the surface.

When parents and teachers find themselves struggling with the concept, a feeling of helplessness can come to bear. It’s made worse when the student feels the same pressure.

Danette Brignac knows that struggle and decided to do something about it.

Danette Brignac

The LaPlace native and resident recently published two “Ricki The Writer” books to aid parents, teachers and students.

Writing under the pseudonym of “Lynne Brig,” — because it is easy for young readers to pronounce and read — the certified elementary school teacher says she has crafted two stories that make learning easy and fun for all.

The first is “Ricki The Writer Writes Nouns in The New Neighbor,” followed by “Ricki The Writer Writes Verbs in Let’s Play Ball.”

Brignac was inspired to write after seeing her own students struggling to comprehend new concepts. She wanted to combine learning with interactive games to promote thinking skills and enhance comprehension.

“When young readers read my books, they are learning a skill that will be used throughout their education in a fun way that keeps them wanting to play over and over,” she said. “It puts the learner in charge and promotes self confidence. The books teach the parts of speech, and each book has a different interactive game that reinforces the skill taught in that book.”

In the first book, all the nouns are in blue and there is an interactive game prompting children to name a person, place or thing.

In the second book, all the verbs are in green or red and the interactive game prompts children to name a past, present, future, action or being verb.

Brignac said this new series is for teachers to introduce the skill, for parents to help reinforce the skills taught in school and for children of all ages to enjoy a great story.

“I am a certified elementary teacher with experience in St. Charles Parish, and as an educator, I know that learners retain 90 percent of what they do,” Brignac said.

“In my books, my readers are not only reading the book, they become engaged in an interactive game that will help them remember the skill.”

“Ricki The Writer” books are available on and and sell for $16.95.

Books can also be purchased and autographed by texting 504-442-2530. For author visits and book signings, email or call the author.

Email to receive the book worksheets and game instructions.

Brignac said “Ricki The Writer Writes Adjectives in The Family Reunion” is due out next year. All the adjectives will be in orange, and the interactive game will prompt students to describe a noun.