D.A. investigator lauded for life-saving effort

Published 12:06 am Saturday, August 19, 2017

EDGARD — Cleven “C.J.” Remondet, an investigator in the St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney’s Office, recently was commended by St. John Parish District Attorney Bridget A. Dinvaut for his valiant efforts to save a man’s life.

Remondet was at the Edgard Courthouse on official business when he saw a man seated in the hallway who was unconscious. The man, identified as Gordon Mills, had accompanied a prospective juror who was, at the time, being questioned by the court.

Remondet rushed to notify the prospective juror to gain as much information about Mills as possible.

Remondet ordered emergency medical personnel be summoned as he administered CPR with the assistance of courthouse security.

Although he had no pulse when discovered, Mills was revived by medical personnel but later succumbed to his illness, authorities said.

In a statement from the District Attorney’s Office, Dinvaut expressed her sorrow.

“District Attorney Dinvaut and her staff wish to extend their condolences to Mr. Mills’ family and friends,” the release said. “Dinvaut, along with her staff, formally recognized District Attorney Investigator Remondet for his unwavering dedication to the citizens of St. John Baptist Parish and for his swift actions in rendering aid to his fellow man.”