Parish: Source of water meter problem unknown

Published 12:11 am Saturday, June 17, 2017

LAPLACE — Water meters and spiking water bills, another kindling of controversy for the past year plus, continues to create a widening chasm between St. John the Baptist Parish’s Administration and Council.

In the latest effort to stem the problems, officials revealed a meter pilot program calling for the installation of 100 SmartMeters.

St. John Parish President Natalie Robottom said the parish is applying for a grant from the Department of Environmental Quality to fund the program, which will give parish residents exposure to the latest technology and hopefully provide a permanent solution.

Expiring water meters are wreaking havoc within the parish with some residents receiving water bills totaling hundreds of dollars.

Water department officials have grappled with the problem, and no solution has been reached.

During this week’s Parish Council meeting, Robottom said, “we still have not identified the problem with the spiked billing.”

“The problems are many, and there is not a common denominator to identify what is wrong,” she said.

— By Richard Meek