Michel: Weekend trip an opportunity to stop, look and listen

Published 12:05 am Saturday, June 3, 2017

Memorial Day weekend marked the first time in years that my husband and I traveled alone.

We spent Friday night at his brother’s house on Caddo Lake, Saturday with his other brother on Toledo Bend, Saturday night in Natchitoches, then came back home Sunday evening.

I slowed the pace with a visit to my Uncle Ray’s house for a night of games and cards.

While the others prepared dinner, he and I walked through his backyard and sipped our alcohol-free Mint Juleps.

He showed me the swing his son built. (“I just wish I had written down the year he built it.”)

He pointed out the Black-Eyed Susan, which was in full bloom, and said they are his neighbor’s choice for her funeral spray. (“I told her she’d better die when they’re in season.”)

And when I asked about the jasmine, he said that he’d show me how to propagate the plant. (“Do you have a quart jar to cover the new plant?”)

Over dinner, I learned more of my family’s history and thought of a friend who has often advised me to record those conversations.

I think that there’s much to learn about life from those who have traveled a little farther down the road. It keeps our history alive and imparts wisdom for the future.

Maybe the adage to “Stop, Look, and Listen” refers to more than railroad crossings. I know that I’m scheduling another visit with Uncle Ray. I forgot my jasmine cutting and I want him to teach me how to grow potatoes.

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