LaPlace woman pleads guilty to perjury

Published 12:12 am Saturday, April 15, 2017

LAPLACE — One LaPlace woman pleaded guilty to perjury, another “absconded” from justice and a third LaPlace resident had his perjury charge dismissed, authorities said, in cases dating back to August 2015.

Brandy Gil, 27, was arrested Jan. 12, 2016, and pleaded guilty last month to perjury during a court proceeding while under oath. She received a three-year suspended sentence and was ordered to pay $1,365 in fines.

Brandy Gil

In a related court proceeding last month, the St. John the Baptist Parish District Attorney’s Office abandoned a perjury charge against LaPlace’s Brian Miller.

Brian Miller

District Attorney Bridget Dinvaut said this week that a bench warrant remains in effect for Marissa Fritts, 22, who failed to appear in Court and “absconded.”

Marissa Fritts

The St. John Sheriff’s Office announced the three suspects’ arrests in January 2016, accusing them of conspiring to fabricate courtroom testimony and free a local man charged in a domestic disturbance investigation.

Sheriff Mike Tregre said the case began when deputies responded to a domestic disturbance complaint in August 2015 that resulted in Miller’s arrest for second-degree battery.

The Sheriff’s Office said the testimonies of the victim and a witness during a September 2015 court proceeding differed from their statements made to the investigating deputy at the time of the incident.

An investigation followed, leading to the perjury arrests.

Through numerous phone calls, police said Miller directed Gil and Fritts to fabricate statements prior to any court proceedings.

According to the prosecution, the evidence against Miller, 24, was insufficient.

“It was Ms. Brandy Gil and Ms. Marissa Fritts that lied under oath, not Mr. Miller, who was the person who benefited from that perjured testimony,” Dinvaut said. “There was no evidence that he directly committed the perjury, agreed to the perjury or instructed them to perjure themselves on the stand.”