Chris Delpit talks State Senate election

Published 12:05 am Saturday, April 15, 2017

My life experience is probably different than any of my opponents.

Chris Delpit

I’ve known hardship and hard times. By the grace of God and hard work, I’ve been fortunate to overcome those problems. There were neighbors, hardworking common people who helped me out in my time of need.

I’ve faced the same trials as the people of District 2 and understand that government should help those folks who will work to help themselves.

Government cannot continue to serve the interests of the insiders because they are insiders, and for no other reason. Too many of our citizens are hurting, deprived of opportunity and losing hope for a better future.

My candidacy represents that hope for the people who need it. The fat cats who’ve taken care of each other for decades will fight against the change my candidacy represents.

Louisiana’s budget deficit is, without doubt, the most pressing issue confronting our state because it affects every other issue.

I will fight to make sure the hard-working people of District 2 who are struggling to raise their families always have a level playing field.

For too long the deck has been stacked against the common folk who won’t get on their knees and take what the machine politicians are willing to give them.

I’m from Ascension Parish, where parish government rakes in over $100 million in tax revenue.

The good ole boy politicians control every dollar of it and hand out the gravy jobs to their friends and cronies. It goes on in every parish to some degree.

It must stop and I will work tirelessly to stop it. Every citizen should have the same opportunity without kissing the boss’ ring.

— submitted by
Chris Delpit