State Sen. Troy Brown responds to calls for him to step down

Published 2:34 pm Friday, January 13, 2017

State Sen. Troy Brown released a statement following his recent domestic dispute misdemeanor conviction.

“I understand the anger at my behavior and I know that those feelings may cause some to lose control and want to lash out at me in the Senate,” Brown said. “Some senators say they are considering expulsion, the most severe punishment available (the political equivalent to execution) rather than a reasonable and measured response. The legislature has only once expelled a Senator, and that was after committing a federal felony, not a state misdemeanor. I can only echo my anger management therapist: take a few deep breathes and try to come up with a more constructive reaction to help women, like voting for equal pay.

Troy Brown

Troy Brown

“Domestic misdemeanors like mine are most commonly dismissed at the victim’s request. Months ago, my wife filed an affidavit forgiving me, recanting some of her statements to law enforcement, and asking for a dismissal. Recently, she also begged the court to allow me to come home so we can try to repair and resume our marriage. Because of the press attention, however, my case was treated differently. I’m okay with that, but people should bear that in mind.

“I am realistic, of course, and if the body decides on expulsion, I will respect their wishes, but I will utilize all legal options available to me to protect my constituents’ rights to be represented. Such a severe punishment would be completely contrary to the Courts rationale in this matter. Only eight states have ever expelled a Senator and always over much more serious matters. Not one of the 121,000 citizens I represent has called for me to resign, while I am grateful that hundreds say this will pass and they are praying for me.

“I close with a sincere apology to my wife, my family, my constituents, the Governor, as well as my fellow Senators. Ours is a generous God, and I ask Him for the blessing of forgiveness.”

Published reports said this week Brown was sentenced to jail over allegations he bit his wife’s arm during a dispute over a cellphone at their Geismar home last summer. He pleaded no contest Wednesday to misdemeanor domestic abuse battery.

Brown was ordered to pay a $300 fine and complete 64 hours of community service. Judge Frank Foil sentenced Brown, according to the Associated Press, to 30 days in jail but suspended all but two days of that sentence.

According to the AP, Brown pleaded no contest in September to a misdemeanor simple battery charge stemming from allegations he punched a girlfriend during a dispute in 2015.