3 arrested following Garyville General Store armed robbery

Published 12:49 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2016

GARYVILLE — Garyville General Store has been in Gene Duhe’s family for approximately 30 years.

He is there every day, early in the morning like clockwork, family members say, a testament to old fashioned American work ethic that is not easily shaken.

So was the case Nov. 30 when three men robbed Gene Duhe at gunpoint, stealing cash as the veteran store owner was trying to open his shop, son Blake Duhe said.

Garyville General Store operates as a traditional meat market, with items displayed in a showcase.

“You tell me you want a rib-eye, I go back and grab the rack and cut it right in front of you,” Blake Duhe said.

The location sells canned goods, drinks and miscellaneous items but its main attraction remains its meat selection.

Blake Duhe said his father arrived at 5:30 a.m. Nov. 30 and approached the store when two men appeared with guns, possibly coming from behind a dumpster located near a fence.

“There were two of them with guns, and a third (assailant) didn’t have a gun,” Blake Duhe said. “They told him, ‘drop everything you got and give me all the money.’”

Kayla Morris

Kayla Morris

Gene Duhe complied, and thankfully, escalated violence was avoided.

“This was premeditated,” Blake Duhe said. “For them to be waiting for him at that time. They had to know what time he came in.”

Narvon Gauff

Narvon Gauff

According to the family, the assailants were fully masked and wore gloves.

Despite the shake up, business continued on Nov. 30, with Blake adding, “we haven’t closed one day, one minute, one nothing.”

“It’s going to keep going no matter what,” he said. “That is the way we are. We’re working class people. (Stuff) happens to you, but you keep going. We’re about as old school as you get. My dad might be the only guy in America that doesn’t have a cell phone.”

Aaron Duhe

Aaron Duhe

According to Blake Duhe, customers were in the store at 7 a.m. purchasing items around the police officers’ presence.

The St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office announced three arrests in the case this week, charging two suspects with armed robbery.

Tips from the community were cited as benefits to the investigation.

Kayla Morris, 21, was arrested Dec. 13 for theft of a firearm and armed robbery. He is being held in custody in lieu of a $95,000 bond.

Narvon Gauff, 18, was arrested Dec. 15 for armed robbery. He posted a $75,000 bond and was released.

Aaron Duhe, 22, was arrested Monday in Texas for armed robbery and will be extradited to St. John the Baptist Parish.