Parish sharpens fines for grass-cutting violations

Published 12:10 am Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LAPLACE — Grass-cutting violation fees are changing in St. John the Baptist Parish.

The St. John the Baptist Parish Council adopted a change last week to the parish’s Code of Ordinances.

According to Alexandra Carter, parish director of planning and zoning, railroad companies will be assessed a minimum of $500 if their failing to maintain areas near and around railroad tracks forces parish staff to cut the grass.

The previous fee was $300.

Residents will face a minimum charge of $200, down from $300, for similar violations.

In the past Council members have been vocal with railroad officials for not maintaining the areas around the tracks and forcing the parish to step in.

The new code also defines any nuisance violation as a civil violation, thus allowing code officers more authority in enforcing the codes.

Carter said the new code also clarifies existing language and offers a list of specific definitions, including defining properties as developed, developing or undeveloped.

Carter said the new code will provide clearer guidance for developers, as well as better help the enforcing of existing codes.

— By Richard Meek