Keller: Coach Miles catches break in firing

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My grandson, Geoffrey, called me Sunday in the late afternoon and said, “They fired Les Miles!”

We were both surprised about the timing, but agreed it was time for him to go.

I added that they really did him a favor. The buyout of his contract is between $10 and $14 million. At age 63, he and his family can enjoy retirement and life and be financially comfortable.

The players reacted in shock and said that he was a player’s coach. Past and present players loved him.

Former LSU running back, Jacob Hester, a member of the LSU last national championship game, wrote on Twitter, “My heart hurts for my coach today. There’s nobody in this world that I respect more. You’ve been a (second) father to me. I love you, coach.”

Some players had resentments toward fans who wanted Miles out. Evidently, he was indeed a player’s coach. The problem was the fickle fans turned on him like most people will.

They cheered him on when he was on top, but when things got rough, they became unstable in affection, interest and loyalty. When you think of it, that’s the way most people are since Jesus walked the earth.

Do I feel sorry for Coach Miles?

No, but I feel for his family.

LSU did him a favor. At the post game interview after the Auburn game, he looked whipped. It was time for that chapter of his life to come to an end. I wish him well.

Coach Miles’ salary was $4.3 million a year, plus endorsements. The total compensation for his staff was another $5.4 million.

Imagine all that money to run a football program where the majority of the players are there to play football and maybe get drafted in the NFL!

I don’t know how much the president of LSU makes, but I guarantee it’s not close to that. However, it’s his responsibility is to see that over 35,000 students receive a quality education to be prepared to make a difference in the world. No one ever said that life is fair.

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