Batiste: Pay attention to St. John School Board

Published 12:01 am Saturday, August 27, 2016

We are and have been under orders from the Federal Government for too many years to make any changes to the public schools of this parish without the people hearing the legal status is on target all over the system.

I want each of you to talk to your Board member, ask is this cleared with the Federal Government, are we where we need to be to say things are so much better in your children’s schools.

We must be looking at every aspect of the system. Your Civil Rights and the rights of your children and the future of this community depend on things done right the first time.

We have had to put up with so many changes at once that are still coming to the forefront and moving too fast; e.g. Secret Tax Deal, more recent, the lawsuit about money owed because work was not completed; therefore someone did not get paid.

When citizens are aware of everything that is going on in a timely manner, at least then we can have an opportunity to think things over and try to see the reasoning behind the decisions being made in this parish.

We are paying attention, we are listening and watching whenever the meetings/videos are placed for the public to review. I am and I know the citizens of this parish are always willing to work with the School Board when things are made public in a timely manner.

When the State Department speaks with this parish about Charter School issues, I pray they are looking at every bit of the legal papers that concern changes to this parish.

Parents, you have to speak up on what is happening in your schools. Now is better; later may be too late for certain issues. We want everyone that is looking at this parish (they are looking) to see us as involved as it takes for our families and our communities.

Just because someone said something does not mean it is correct. When they refuse to explain, check the facts for yourself. Indirectly, every adult is responsible to a very high calling, where we touch the lives of the little ones of our communities with words of hope and a smile of encouragement. It may be the only one some will receive.

We are the builders of our future. Be careful, for you may be building a house that we will have to live in!

On June 16, changes to Budget — Reinstate needed positions in the system and the removal of the Personal Service Contracts.

July 26-27, Board Retreat — First day contract was renewed for the DBE Coordinator (regardless of price).

Second day policy waived to vote on extension of the Public Relations contract with the consultant working month-to-month. Jobs were cut and brought back (regardless of the price). They are back, other staffing should get the same attention.

We are under a cloud in this parish. For too long things have been this way, not knowing if what is said can be trusted. Regardless, things need to change. I am for truth, no matter who tells it. I am for justice, no matter who it’s for or against.

“Trust but verify” is a quote from a former president. Right now to go forward we need to pay attention to the path we have traveled to get here. When it is time to Vote, make your Vote COUNT for the betterment of this community.

Time to take a stand for what matters, Psalm 94:16

Carolyn Jean Batiste