Keller: Grandparents can make someone feel special

Published 12:08 am Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pastor Paul Naylor of the First Baptist Church in LaPlace is my friend.

I’m not a member of his church, but we meet for coffee often and frequently have lunch.

Last week, he shared that after his son, Samuel, performed for the Louisiana Music Teachers Association in New Orleans, he qualified for the State Music Competition in Baton Rouge.

He was excited to tell me that his mother, Kathy MacKenzie, and his stepfather, John, were coming to hear Samuel perform.

“How long will they be here? I asked.

“They will get here Friday and leave early Sunday morning.”

Kathy and John live in Colchester, Ill., which is 835 miles from LaPlace.

After our conversation, I thought that it’s amazing what grandparents will go through to please and honor their grandchildren.

I’m sure Samuel’s performance lasted maybe 10 minutes.

I understand after talking to his dad Sunday that he did well, but that didn’t surprise me, because I’ve heard him play before.

This morning, as I write this article, I’m thinking, “Kathy and John drove a total of 1,670 miles, with an additional 60 miles to Baton Rouge to be with Pastor Paul, his wife, Kendra and his daughter, Christen, to hear Samuel play the piano.”

Being a grandfather, I realize the trip had to be tiring, but the reason for the trip was worth much more than anything money could buy.

Years from now, when Samuel is married, raising a family and serving God, he will think many times about that trip his grandparents took to be with him at one of his special moments.

With a family like that, Samuel won’t have a problem believing how much his Heavenly Father loves and cares about him.

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