Healthy eating efforts served up at ESJH

Published 12:07 am Wednesday, May 11, 2016

RESERVE — Even though the turnout wasn’t what he expected, East St. John High School Principal Corey Butler was still happy to host the second FCS Nutrition Advisory Board Parish Officials breakfast.

Dynasisha Batiste, left, and Haley Wilson are all smiles after the FCS Nutrition Advisory Board Breakfast

Dynasisha Batiste, left, and Haley Wilson are all smiles after the FCS Nutrition Advisory Board Breakfast

“We had a few dignitaries in the cafeteria but not as many as we would have loved to have had,” Butler said. “It will give us something to grow on.”

Parish representatives that attended the breakfast last week were Division A Councilman Larry Sorapuru, along with Nutrition Advisory Board members and representatives from Parish President Natalie Robottom and Sheriff Mike Tregre’s offices.

The event let parish officials and students know what nutrition programs were going on in the community.

The health and nutrition of the youth is something very important to Butler.

“Even when I was a youth, I was talked to about living a healthy lifestyle,” he said. “Now we’re talking the healthy foods that kids need to eat and the way they are preparing the food is just as significant as the food itself.”

The students selected to attend the breakfast, Butler said, were well behaved, adding they seemed excited to be part of the effort.

“It’s a great experience for the kids to be able to share in the festivities,” he said. “I know these types of meetings are sometimes held at various venues, but for it to be held here at East St. John High School, I think, is important.”

LSU AgCenter area nutrition agent Cynthia Clifton said the breakfast was the second put on by the FCS Nutrition Advisory Board.

Clifton said holding the breakfast at schools gives students the opportunity to learn about the programs, as well as interact with officials.

“I brought boards with photos and information of things that the Board has done in the past and let (the students and officials) see what’s going on in the parish,” Clifton said. “There were pictures from the center programs, the Homer Joseph Community Center and students exercising at Our Lady of Grace School.”

Officials in attendance were given a goodie bag from the AgCenter containing a My Plate wheel, a family active challenge magnet, a towel and more.